Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Video on the Illuminati & symbolism.

I myself work alongside people who are members of the freemason's, and have been invited to go to there meetings just for a drink, but when I ask questions about there link with the Illuminati, they deny such claims, yet all the masons I know, (my Uncle being one of them!) wear such items which bare the symbols of the Illuminati, such as rings bareing the pyramid or the all-seeing-eye.
I may soon decide to infiltrate this masonic club and find out what really goes on, and maybe shed light on some issues that shroud this secret society!

9/11 video

The video posted below shows some images of the airplane which struck the tower, and you are shown the belly of the plane, which highlights some sort of attachment to the plane, this is something you would NOT find on a commercial aircraft.

The faces in the smoke I think is just pure coincidence, but cool at the same time!

As for the rumoured detonations within the towers, I've seen witness reports where people stated they heard explosions from the base/ underground level of the towers,and I beleive this would of aided in the collapse of the towers, and as shown in the vid, there were several other detonations on other levels of the towers, probably to weaken the stability of the towers and inevitably cause it's downfall.

9/11 video showing just a few unexplained anomalies surrounding the attack.